Please note: We are relocating and hope to have updates soon. In the meantime, please refer to our Facebook page for classes & events or the calendar.

Studio Rental Information

The studio is complete with glass and ceramic equipment available for rental on an hourly basis; blocks of hours (available for 30 days) can be purchased at a discount. For more information, contact Robin Paul at 515.707.4309. Rental allows full use of the studio tools and equipment.

Ceramic Studio includes three electric wheels, large Bailey and hand held extruders, Bailey slab roller, and variety of hand tools, forms, drop molds, etc. as well as slip casting and mold making equipment. We have several electric kilns and a selection of clay and glazes. We have two raku kilns and complete firing set up with glazes, horse hair, etc. And, for those of you who don’t enjoy the clay, we stock a selection of bisque ware ready to glaze and fire.

Warm Glass Studio includes two fusing kilns, a wide selection materials, hand tools, glass and tile saw, a variety of molds, mold making supplies, dams, blocks, and pretty much anything you might need to create even the most intricate fused glass pieces and pate de verre.

Hot Glass Studio includes one section dedicated strictly to lamp work and another set up for glass blowing. The lampwork station set up has a propane/oxy torch and chili pepper kiln for annealing as well as a variety of hand tools and small push molds for forming. The glass blowing area is set up with one glory hole, furnace, and work station, a large annealing kiln, and all the necessary hand tools you will need to create even the most complex glass work. On a scheduled basis, equipment will be warmed up/started for you. Note: You must have prior experience -OR- take our introductory class to use this equipment.

Waiver – Hot Glass Studio

Waiver – Ceramics and Glass Studio

Fees (May – September, 2019)

Studio rental on an hourly basis can be scheduled for $40 per hour with a two hour minimum depending on availability (see calendar). We will review rental fees every 6 months to ensure we are covering our costs. Next review will be September 2019.

Supplies may be used at an additional cost or students can bring in their own. Supply costs vary. Please ask and pay before use – this will help keep inventory up to date.

Studio Rules

  • Students have unlimited daily access to the studio via key pad on the rear of the building building — most weekdays 6am until 10pm, weekends 8am to 10pm as calendar allows.
  • It is helpful to put yourself on the calendar in the studio to ensure all equipment you may want to use is available during your visit. There is a calendar online; call to add.
  • Parking is ‘on street’ or in the studio parking lot next to our building.
  • Students can use of all equipment included in their monthly/hourly fee as outlined in “Fees”.
  • Supplies can be brought in by students or can be purchased at an additional charge through the studio.
  • Equipment, tools, and supplies may not be removed from the premises.
  • No alcohol or drugs allowed on premises. You may not use the studio while you are under the influence. No exceptions.
  • No guests are allowed in the studio without prior permission.
  • Glass blowing students must pass the ‘start up/shut down’ demo. This is to ensure proper shut down of the fans and gas.
  • Clean up after yourself. Please put things you use back where you find them and in good condition.
  • If you ever need assistance or if there is an emergency, call Robin at 515.707.4309. This is a cell phone number answered during studio hours. This number will be posted in several locations in the studio as well.